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I try to connect with you but I just don't know how to reach you. The Lord Jesus was born from the Holy Spirit by his resurrection after he died on the cross for HUMAN sins, and I owe my gratitude to Him. So angels please guide me with your good ways to have the Lord's kingdom come and His will be done on this Earth as it already is in heaven.

In the past, I had fallen into temptation, yet the Lord saved be from being a fallen angel as I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I feared no evil for the Lord was there to guide me by comforting me with his rod and staff.

I'm running out of money, and not able to work yet. Help my son who is in jail, and my son who isn't in jail. Even though we go from days without seeing each other. Bring me closer to you Sweet Jesus, Don't let me stray away. GOD, touch my brother so that his heart will do what he said he would do for me and my family.

And most of all, please let Ryan know that your LOVE is all powerful and can overcome anything on this earth. Our purpose is to make disciples and I am starting to feel that there is no on in Fall River that wants God. Yet I do know that Lot found no one in Sodom and Gomorrrah that was righteous and no one who wants God. Please pray that God sends me help or changes the hearts of people.

Though I know that something has to be happening because we are talking about God here. The company that I worked for all my years of 6 years is trying to put me out as I am not laying eggs for him anymore. I need to help my poor parents and support my wife Help me help me my Lord.

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I will continue to follow you blindedly because with You as my eyes, I have nothing to fear. Please bless him in a mighty way, and let him know that you loved him so much that you died for him. That NOTHING he could ever do will change the love You have for him. That You are healing him at this very moment, that you are clearing his mind, and holding him in your loving arms. I'm waiting for my health insurance card from Family health plus to come so I can go back to pt. Show yourself to him as you have to so many other believers Oh Lord. Forgive me for being so lazy and drawn into my self. I want to get up go, be able to pay for my vehicles, my home, help my daughter's need. FOR THE REST SIBLINGS I NEED TO GIVE THEM TUITION BECAUSE MY ELDEST/YOUNGEST DAUGHTER WILL BE TAKING A VERY IMPORTANT EXAM END OF THIS YEAR BUT I COULD NOT ALLOCATE OUT THE MONEY FROM MY SALARY.

Thank you for loving us all, even when we don't deserve it.

I am praying for a job that will bring meaning and happiness to my life.

I thank the Lord for my new life and a new beginning.

Holy Spirit, oh how I respect and appreciate the goodness that you have shown to me and my family.

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