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Donald "Don" Fisher is a fictional character in the Australian television soap opera Home and Away played by actor Norman Coburn as a regular character, from the soap's inception in 1988 to 2003.He acts as the main antagonist in the show's pilot episode, willing to go to any lengths to ensure local teen Bobby Simpson is locked up, however his character soon softens.In 2000, Donald is pleased to be given the honour of walking Sally down the aisle at her wedding to Keiran Fletcher but ultimately hands the honour over to Sally's foster brothers Steven Matheson and Frank Morgan.When the 2000 Olympics begin Donald has the honour of carrying the Olympic torch through Summer Bay, but has it switched with a fake by several students. Following Sam's departure, Donald feels alone again.After Pippa leaves, Donald becomes Sam's guardian when he fails to adjust to Travis and Rebecca as his new foster parents Marilyn later falls pregnant and gives birth to a son, Byron Vincent, named after Vinnie Patterson (Ryan Kwanten) who illegally sped through traffic to get Marilyn to hospital.

Although departing as a main character in 2003, Coburn has since returned for brief appearances in 2004, 20.

Donald's world is shattered when Bobby dies in a boating accident aged 22 and tries to take responsibility for his adoptive grandson, Sam Marshall (Ryan Clark (who calls him "Uncle Donald") but is unable to so sends him to live with Pippa and her new husband.

Fisher celebrates his 50th birthday in February 1995.

After Donald refuses to sell his house to the Macklin development at Morag's suggestion, she threatens to tell Bobby the truth.

Donald remains unflappable and refuses to change his stance on the matter.

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