Watch ghost hunting with the happy mondays online dating

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On Kelly Ecker's wedding day she commits herself to Scott Samson, but he has other plans for his new bride.

Later, Amber Fields and Josh Hilberling rush to the alter, then at each other.

But when the sordid details of a secret love triangle emerge, the case takes a twisted turn.

What if the person closest to you..a devil in disguise? Then When Kenda responds to a double shooting, he and his team are soon taken down memory lane.

Filled with overwhelming jealousy, 48-year-old reformed bad boy Robert Arvizu accuses his new bride Courtney Burton of being too flirtatious.

In a blind rage, he faces off against his beautiful newlywed and their fiery romance takes a horrific turn.

When new evidence is unearthed years later, it's clear the police were dead wrong.

When a woman hears from a man who assaulted her in college, she's determined to bring him to justice.

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