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If you want to grow your own hydrangea plants, you can produce new …

/frm/lu/ urbanisation 1 |migration from the rural area to urban area| 2 |the change where an rural area become a rural area 3 the change in proportion of urban area compare to rural area where the urban area portion become larger urea: /frm/lu/ litter |a portable chair or a light narrow bed having poles in the front and rear carried by two or four persons used to carry a special person in the old time, a corpse, or a sick person| -bertandu: /frm/lu/ 1 trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, etc.

in sexual matters)| 3 out of tune, discordant (of music) -mensumbangkan langkah: /frm/lu/ 1 implant a ) small piece of gold or diamond inserted in the face as a magical charm to improve sb’s beauty.

b) /med/ implant |a birth control method by inserting a contraceptive-contained small tube under the skin of a women| 2 pin, nail.

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