Sim sex dating

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Whitney and Filup are major virgins and need to put their brains together to try to get some action.You'll have to watch to see if they are successful, but let's just say that this date simulator is pretty much a straight up PORN SIMULATOR.Upon arriving at each point, you must wait a couple of seconds for a meter to fill up, denoting that you've gotten that part of the date out of the way.What complicates matters is that players can knock each other's dates out of their vehicles by crashing into each other.Smash into someone's car and you'll knock their date across the road where they'll blindly get in a vehicle with the first person to come across them.In fact, players can even snag multiple marooned singles into the same date. The core mechanics of Bum Rush are very simple - the inputs are limited to the D-pad for direction and A for gas - but scrambling around the neighborhood cockblocking your mates and stealing their partners is a hoot in short doses.This orgiastic flat doesn't discriminate and acknowledges that when you get right down to it everyone f***s.

Each dating sim has a certain amount of characters that the, usually straight and female, player is allowed to date.

To do this, you must take your date to a handful of hot spots to set the mood.

These include such classic locales as a movie theater, a fast food joint, a relaxing spot for necking in the woods and a pub.

The only problem is that their cramped living quarters are such that only one person can secure the bedroom for the night.

The solution: whiz through your date as quickly as possible so you can be the first one back home.

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