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We got a babysitter and she dressed really sexy as her friend told her sex appeal works and she had plenty to show off.She is 36 years old but has the body of a 25 year old, 36C firm tits and nice thin waste that she works hard to stay firm.My mind raced between my raging hard on and the jealousy that began to overcome me as I thought of my wife naked on a guy’s lap, with him fondling her body.

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One of the single guys yelled out “pass the lady” and everyone laughed but me and my wife.It was then that I realized it was some sort of adult game and my imagination could only fathom where this was going, that is when I looked at my wife with a strong hard stare of it is time to go.I could tell she was reluctant to leave as she was sitting next to the host and he had been talking to her quite a bit that evening and much of it was about a house he was interested in buying.It was then that the host’s wife (Cindy) agreed it would be fun to play pass the lady, I thought if Cindy was in favor this couldn’t be too bad so I asked “how do you play the game?I have never played it before.” Cindy told us that we put chairs in a circle and start some music then the guys sit on the chairs and we take turns passing the women around on the guys laps when the music stops which ever woman is on your lap you get to take off a piece of her clothing.

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