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Our soul also has sexual needs and not just the feeling of being loved.It can be very confusing feeling, in contrast to regular people or even soulmates.People indulging in frequent casual sex have reported stress and anxiety as a reason and conversely, people who have made love only to their significant others have reported sex to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.Other common reactions include regret, disappointment, confusion, embarrassment guilt and low self-esteem.

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If the orgasm was so easy to get then why is sex an expression of the divine? An orgasm is not the end, it is the beginning of our transcendence and during the course of this transcendence is when we meet the divine within our self and the divine within our partner.

Not just the grand finale, twin flames attempt to prolong the act and take advantage of a whole range of feelings.

While these resolutions are practical and fulfilling in their own way, I have my own type of resolutions. How many times do you WANT to say something but don’t?

While some consider it as sacred and they refrain from having sex with any random person.

What makes these individuals so radically different from each other is not just their ideals, but also their past experiences and changed outlook towards relationships.

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