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In previous years, cyber threats mostly consisted of ransomware,…Trend Micro has been protecting governments, businesses and consumers from cyber-threats for more than 28 years.In return for a royal pardon in 1835, he was forced to become a news-writer for the Company in Kabul.During 1837, a dispute over Peshawar between the Sikhs and Dost Muhammad of Kabul (r.pigments for artists and dyers], Hop and Seedsman,” with premises in the vicinity of Cannon Street. He went to school in Walthamstow and evidently received a good education, for he knew Latin and Greek and was fluent in French. (silk and insurance brokers) in London before a quarrel with his father spurred him into enlisting as an infantryman in the army of the British East India Company on 5 October 1821 (Meyer and Brysac, 2001, p. He sailed for Bengal on 17 January 1822 and served in the Third Troop of the First Brigade, Bengal European Artillery, from 6 July that year.His mother’s family were farmers in Croughton, Northamptonshire, who subsequently became brewers (Whitteridge, 1986, pp. During his service he was employed by Major-General Hardwicke, the Commandant, in arranging and depicting zoological specimens for publication (Gray, 1832-34), and he fought at the siege of Bharatpur in January 1826.

This was done not just by making written copies, but also by taking ink impressions of the inscription on 50 yards of calico cloth (Masson, 1846).

Right from the start, our founders were keen to emphasize the important role played by corporations in society as a whole.

To that end, we’ve always been an active participant in charitable projects, and employees are always encouraged to…

At Bushire, he convinced British East India Company officials that he was an American from Kentucky who had spent ten years traveling from the United States through Europe and Russia to Afghanistan and Iran (Whitteridge, 1986, pp. He was befriended by the officers, especially David Wilson, the British Resident at Bushire, who persuaded Masson to write a detailed account of the countries he had traversed for the Bombay Government of the East India Company (, 1834, p. He clearly made such a good impression that John Campbell (1799-1870), the British Envoy to Persia, provided funds for him to begin antiquarian research in Afghanistan.

In all, Masson spent ten months in Iran, accompanying various British officers to Tabriz and Baghdad, then down the Tigris River to Basra and Bushire, where he took a boat via Muscat back to Karachi.

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