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These are the accounts of a typical conversation between some of your favorite characters! And it largely involves anime, and since i'm a weeaboo and you're a weeaboo and we are all weeaboos, I called it the Weeabible.And we totally didn't rip off twitch plays pokemon lore what are you talking about [translation: WE RIPPED THEM OFF I REGRET NOTHING YOLO].They run into Mio and Yuuko, and a chain reaction of events that may possibly decide the fate of the universe a fanservice-themed manga and anime series created by Seiji Matsuyama.

being beaten, violently crushed (Kirika, Yuriko) or electrocuted (Kyoko) by other members.But she was getting a little impatient with Mai who stared at her with that poker face of hers.Kyoko, Yui, Chinatsu and the rest of the gang head to Tokisadame, where Mirakurun's author grew up.Includes a Helvetica Standard segment every Five Chapters! " Mai looked over to her friend, Yuuko, who was sitting in her desk and waited for her to speak. " The silence between them was only temporarily deafened by the chattering talks of students of their classroom and only the two who had (well, technically Yuuko) struck up the conversation of Mai smiling was...bizarre.Yuuko was smiling gleefully at her friend, waiting for her friend to smile.

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