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This tutorial series builds on the Contoso University web application that is created by the Getting Started with the Entity Framework 4.0 tutorial series.If you didn't complete the earlier tutorials, as a starting point for this tutorial you can download the application that you would have created.In some that includes both business logic and data-access logic.In this tutorial you will create separate classes for business logic and for data-access logic.You will begin by creating web pages in which the control to that class instead of to the repository class.You will also create unit tests for the validation logic.

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NET Web Forms model and assumes you know how to work with ASP. The control gives you more flexibility in other ways as well.

The table also contained several rows of detail information that was different for each entry, but I only wanted to keep whatever detail information that the first of each of the duplicate records contained.

To do the clean-up of the data in the table I needed to write a query that is not immediately intuitive. Serial Num IN( SELECT Serial Num FROM #my Test GROUP BY Serial Num HAVING COUNT(serial Num) This is a multi-part statement that looks somewhat complex, but that definitely does the job it was designed for!

You will also create an abstraction layer between your BLL and DAL that facilitates automated unit testing of the BLL.

This abstraction layer is implemented by creating an interface and using the interface when you instantiate the repository in the business-logic class.

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