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So you will probably get pregnant without more difficulty than a couple with a younger male partner, but you could lose the pregnancy once or more before it goes to term.

China’s 'leftover women’ are considered on the shelf if they're still single at 28 In case you hadn’t noticed, Chinese women have become quite a force to be reckoned with in recent years.

Unfortunately for China’s women their new-found confidence has incited a backlash from men, the government and even their own families.

But he still saw himself as her dad at this point, and his family got very attached. So while you want to be in a happy relationship just wait.

Having a baby puts added stress on any relationship.

GL I'm kinda going through the same thing right now. At first I wasn't sure and I'm not going to make and serious commitments until my daughter or son is born and see how I feel then. I am a single mom of a two year old and one on way and my mind set is who wants a gf that has two kids already by two diff dads :( I know it's wrong so I've came to the conclusion I am just sticking to myself and my daughter and my new one on the way!

But if the person who got you pregnant is out doing his thing, we should be too I never realized how low my self esteem could get after being abandoned while pregnant.

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