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All graduates of TANZ e Campus receive their qualification from the institute at which they enrol.OERu allows users to access learning materials through the openly licensed platform, Wiki Educator, and is coordinated by the OER Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organisation.This is an opportunity to explore all aspects of work (paid and unpaid) and shape these into a Practice Framework.Our ILP process provides you with an opportunity to grow professionally in competence and confidence.Independent Learning Pathways (ILP)ILP is an internationally-recognised, academically valid way of acknowledging the learning, skills and knowledge that individuals have gained through their extensive experience.Capable NZ provides an alternative pathway to gain a formal tertiary qualification.

Using innovative student analysis and research, we regularly review and adapt our online systems and communications – so that the way we work and our exclusive learning portal performs at its best.Students worldwide can access high quality learning and research material freely online from a network of recognised universities, polytechnics and community colleges from five continents.An open source approach to learning makes it possible for students to share, collaborate and contribute to online content through Wiki Educator and other open platforms.Instead, your programme content and course material can be accessed via online learning platforms (eg Moodle) and other complementary technologies, and you will communicate online with a facilitator and other students.Often the timing of online learning is defined by you, so you can fit it around your own schedule.

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