Day dating ideas

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This marks a turning point in the love relationships where the focus shifts to the future.

Mercury turns direct in your romantic sector stirring up a mix of romantic sentiment and nostalgia while the doors are still open to the past relationships and second chances. New Moon in your sign is a reminder that it is time to move on.

Here is my simple approach to this powerful practice -- culled from the amazing Self-Compassion authors I have mentioned in this post already. Sure, most women love receiving an exquisite bouquet of long stem roses, dinner at a Michelin Five Star restaurant or a bit of bling, but the most lasting of gifts for a heartthrob of either gender is your valentine. The National Retail Federation projects Valentine's Day spending will shoot to .9 billion this year -- about 2 a person on candy, flowers and apparel. We take a break from our hectic, technology-toting everyday lives.

A whopping 91 percent of those polled by the NRF are planning on doing something special for their significant other, and that won't come cheap. This year, use Valentine's Day to slow down and reconnect, to honor your closest relationships, and to be grateful for your family. The idea of "self love" can seem rather cosmic, narcissistic and alien to some of us.

There is no other day as Valentine's Day when love is celebrated with so much zest.

Couples and lovers wait for this day of love to indulge in romance and prove their chivalry.

Keep this in mind come this weekend, when love is in the air, couples will engage in their mid-winter ritual celebration of Hallmark mandated love, and singles will be looking for some semi-romantic weekend hookups.

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Listen to the words below and consult a dictionary if you need a definition.

A local acquaintance won't be celebrating his Valentine's Day at a concert, restaurant, romantic movie, dancing or any other place where thoughtful significant others often go to celebrate a great holiday.

He'll be celebrating it at the local hospice care, while his wife receives chemo treatment.

We had so many heart bombs shared with us this year that we couldn't fit them all into one post.

So we're extending the love with another affectionate round-up!

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