Bridgit mendler and shane harper dating interview khes online dating

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In November 2016, Bridgit Mendler released her EP "Nemesis" in which two tracks — "Atlantis" and "Do You Miss Me At All" — were written about her split from Shane Harper.

Shane Harper also wrote songs about Bridgit Mendler — "Like I Did" and "See You Around" are supposedly about her.

Although it’s not an easy task for both of them to stable in such short period of time, but they improve well and now totally focus on their work.

They dated for a long time but these all things are now just past memories.

" "I am dating," she said, though she seemed to not really want to dish on her personal life. ," she confirmed, "You've seen him before." The interviewer guessed, "Is it Spencer on the show? 'you meet on a set and you wind up dating instantly,' it took like two years." So cute!

Bridgit and Shane star as a couple (Teddy and Spencer) on the hit Disney Channel show.

Even better, Teddy and Spencer lived on off-screen because Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper were totes dating in real life., Bridgit was asked if she considered herself undateable (which, side note, is a totally weird question to ask someone), and she replied with this heartbreaking statement: "I'm single, so I guess that means I'm undateable."Neither Bridgit nor Shane have commented on the split.

I think everybody was very respectful about it and wanted to make sure that it would not be wired”.

Mendler’s revealed in November 2015, that she is totally single and no longer dating ex-boyfriend Shane Harper. We got to hear this bad news and their fans were also disappointed on their torn apart.

They obviously decided to keep their breakup private.

But both ]stars are busy working on new TV shows and music, so one can only assume their demanding schedules had an impact, which is understandable, though no less heartbreaking for the Disney Channel stan inside of you.

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